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Astrology Dating Guide: Capricorn Date Ideas


Now that we’ve learned more about the Capricorn it’s time to start thinking about how to woo your Capricorn. Whether it’s your first date or you’ve been dating a while, it’s good to know what will indeed wow your Capricorn.

As we discovered last week, Capricorns are hard workers who like to take their time in relationships. They don’t enjoy small talk and are interested in getting to know the real you. This is all great information to have when picking a Capricorn date.

 A Night On The Town

While the Capricorn is actually a very laid back person, they do enjoy some of the finer things in life. Particularly they enjoy the fruits of hard work. So show off all that you’ve been accomplishing by taking your partner out for a night on the town. Get dinner at a nice restaurant with their favorite foods and use the time to talk intimately, really getting to know each other. Head to an art gallery and pick each other’s brains apart about what you see. A Capricorn loves the rare opportunity of genuinely connecting with another person. Then while the night is young head to the theatre or see some live music. Don’t go thinking that your Capricorn date is all work and no play!

Unearth Your Talents

The theme of being impressed by your hard work won’t dissipate over time with your Capricorn. But that’s not all they are looking for in a partner. The Capricorn needs to feel safe to let someone in. By exposing something about yourself, you’re showing them that it’s safe to do the same. So whether you’re really great at painting or just like doing it from time to time take him to a painting night. Or if chess is more your game challenge him to a match. As you play the game tell him stories about how chess became important to you. Expose your true self to your Capricorn date, and they will do the same.

Go Museum Hopping

It’s not that your Capricorn date wouldn’t enjoy bar hopping. It’s just that this allows the two of you to connect so much more. Museum hopping is also the type of analytical activity the jives with their personalities. That isn’t to say that they are all brains. Capricorns are full of emotion. They are just deliberate and modest about those emotions. Which is why an activity full of intellectual stimulation will pique their interest.

It doesn’t have to be all history and science though! Check out a modern art museum, or an interactive science museum. Have fun and play together. There’s nothing sexier to the Capricorn than an intellectual who can make them laugh.

Keep It Traditional

Capricorns aren’t strictly old-fashioned. They do however enjoy traditions. Which is why the classic date of dinner and a movie will work wonderfully for your Capricorn. They are laid back people who don’t need anything special. In fact, they enjoy the predictability of routine. So you won’t ever go wrong on a Capricorn date by keeping it traditional. If you need some help check out our list of old-fashioned dating traditions that could use a comeback!

To make your Capricorn extra happy include them in the planning! There really is nothing you can do more to make your Capricorn date happy then making them as much a part of the process as possible. So ask them what their favorite restaurants are. Find out what movie they want to go to. Triangulate your schedules and travel times. Your Capricorn will go nuts for all the logistics!

Escape Room

What better way to get to know your Capricorn date and show off how awesome you are? Best yet, you’ll get the opportunity to praise your Capricorn for how great they do during the challenges as well. Capricorns want to be impressed by their partners. They also want to be appreciated for all that they do. They love challenges and figuring out problems. Best yet, you can let them take the lead on the puzzles. A Capricorn likes to be in control.

The only things to keep in mind to avoid for a Capricorn date are situations full of useless small talk. So don’t take your Capricorn to a big party for your date. A location with too much chaos might make it more difficult for them to let down their guard. So be mindful of your environment and what will or will not allow for.

Most importantly tell me what Capricorn dates have worked best for you!

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