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I’m a 35 year old woman who was briefly married to someone who was both physically and mentally abusive. I also grew up in an abusive home where there were interventions by police and child services, but no real help given to me. My years before age 18 were a nightmare. Since 18 and especially since my divorce, I’ve had extensive advise and made good progress. I’m considered attractive and make a good salary as a professional but I’m observing it very hard to meet someone despite trying singles’ events, online dating, etc. I have been trying to stay positive that I will meet person and have the children I’ve dreamed of, but sometimes I feel sheer sorrow at being alone at my age, having spent most of my life since 18, alone. I also feel panic at the thought that my window of opportunity to have children is slowly but surely closing. My biological clock is ticking loudly. I do affirmations every day, but feelings of sorrow and anxiety still reach me during the week. I feel like I’ve been “left behind.” What can I do to attract a positive, healthy relationship? It often feels like life has been unfairly cruel to me. I’m genuinely struggling with this. Part 2 I simply sent you an email but wanted to mention everything I’ve been trying for the past 3 years to assistance my situation: regular meditation during the week, affirmations, visualization, energy healing, hypnotherapy, journaling, reading your volumes and other spiritual/ self-help books on a regular basis, and praying every day. I do yoga about once a week and try to spend time in nature. I also exert 4-5 times a week and I’m always out and about visiting friends, going to social events, etc. Nothing has helped me in my search for a life partner. I even tried doing nothing for almost a year,( letting run) and … nothing happened. Even more discouraging, I have no children and my matrimony was short, yet I have friends who left long-term matrimonies with kids and they’ve discovered serious relationships while I’m still alone. Is this an energy block? What can I do? People tell me I’m a beautiful, astounding person but I still can’t find a life partner. It builds no sense to me.

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